Butt Implants and Butt Lifts

Butt Implants

For the right candidate butt implant or lift cosmetic surgery sculpts your body into a more pleasing form. Fat, cellulite and loose sagging skin are carefully re-worked in buttocks lift and implant surgery.

Qualifying Yourself For Buttocks Implant Surgery

• Results You Can Get From Buttocks Lift Surgery. Female butt sculpting is the key to buttocks lift surgery. Where you may have cellulite and fat deposits… droopy skin… or even diminished muscle tone. Subtle re-shaping… possibly utilizing liposuction to gently and safely lower fatty deposits is all part of the operating plan that you and your plastic surgeon create together.

• Buttocks Implants For A Tight Defined Look. When cosmetic surgery to “lift” your buttocks is insufficient, then you need to consider some of the advances made in buttocks implant enhancement surgery. Here’s what happens. You and your doctor determine, health wise, how much skin, fat or cellulite you can safely lose. Next, your surgeon creates a profile… as a surgery goal for you to agree with… featuring buttocks implants of a particular size, located within your particular shape. The general process following patient interviewing is to take measurements of the buttocks region, catalog these measurements via digital photos, and then physically line-mark the incision area.

• Your General Health. Health basics for you, the patient, are essentially to come to your surgeon’s interview in the very best health you can muster. No coughing, flu, colds, unhealthy skin conditions, excessive fat bordering on obesity. Come into your interview with a “pre-existing condition”… or excessively obese and you’ll be asked to “get well”… or go on a safe, weight reduction program.

• What’s Involved In Your Buttocks Implant Surgery? Overall the buttocks lift operation will take two to four hours to complete. Surgical incisions, which are located in the body crevices of the buttocks area along the inscribed incision path marked by the surgeon, are made with some curvature and are Z-shaped in order to decrease scar contracture and hardening. By contrast a straight line incision is not only more noticeable, it heals with pronounced hardening which can result in a localized feeling of lumpiness for the patient. The buttocks lift procedure requires 4-5 hours of operating time and is done under general anesthesia.





New Method of Gluteal Lift

N.M.G.L.™ (New Method of Gluteal Lift) is a permanent, minimally invasive surgical technique for the treatment of moderate gluteal ptosis. It enables experienced plastic surgeons to lift the gluteus and correct skin looseness in the area.

This unique medical device helps to maintain the aesthetic result of existing gluteal lift methods which use wide loose skin removal, without causing too much pain and discomfort to the patient.

N.M.G.L.™ technique requires a lattice to be implanted in the patient’s gluteus area. The lattice is placed under the patient’s skin and it works like an “internal corset” keeping the buttocks constantly vigorous and rectified.

The surgery lasts less than an hour and the results on the patient’s body are immediate and last more than the conventional existing methods. It involves a scar of 5cm maximum length which can be covered even by a thong.

The patient is fully recovered after 2-3 days.

N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift

The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift treats mild and moderate gluteal ptosis and loose skin. It is safe and up to 85% less invasive than skin removal, fat grafting or buttock implant techniques. Results are evident immediately, leaving minimal scarring.

How it works

A silicone lattice is implanted in each buttock. This is specially designed to become attached to tissue under the skin. Once in place, it pulls up the loose skin and sagging tissue to fill the buttocks evenly and in the right places. Buttocks look more vigorous, shapely and becoming.

The lattice is implant-safe and elastic. It follows the natural movement of the body. It cannot be felt or displaced.

A small incision of 5 cm (2") is needed to insert the lattice implants. This minimizes discomfort and speeds up recovery.

Who it is for

The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift is optimal in cases of mild and moderate gluteal ptosis. It offers a less invasive alternative for those who want fast results to last for the rest of their lives.

Recovery is complete one week after surgery. 15 days later, patients can hide the scar under a Brazilian string bikini and not think about it again


The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift is a one-day clinic technique. Patients go home a couple of hours after surgery.



The majority of patients resume their normal activities soon after surgery:

1 day : back home
3 days : back to work (if necessary)
4 days : showering allowed
1-2 weeks : no discomfort when sitting and walking
3 weeks : no swelling, no elastic garment, all activities allowed



Patients feel pain for a week after surgery. Standard painkillers (an example is paracetamol) are enough to alleviate it.

Swelling disappears completely 3 weeks after surgery. During this time, patients wear an elastic body-contouring garment.

No other discomfort has been observed.


Medical treatment

After surgery, patients must take for 4-5 days:

•  antibiotics – as a precaution

•  standard painkillers – to alleviate pain

The scar takes only a week to heal. For 4 days after surgery, it must stay dry. For a week after that, it needs regular cleansing.

No other treatment is necessary.


The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift is optimal for mild and moderate cases of gluteal ptosis. It is a safe way to get concrete and lasting results with the least discomfort and minimal scarring.


Patients notice the N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift results right after surgery and for the rest of their lives.

The lattice implants help the sagging soft tissue fill the buttocks evenly and in the right places. They follow the natural movement of the body, without being felt or displaced.

To ensure symmetry , the pair of lattice implants used is equal in size and properties. Buttocks look more vigorous, shapely and becoming.



The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift needs only a small incision (5 cm or 2"). The scar can be hidden even under a Brazilian string bikini.



The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift causes limited discomfort briefly. Patients resume their normal activities 3 days after surgery. A week after that, pain disappears completely. In another 2 weeks, there is no swelling or need to wear an elastic garment. All activities are permitted.

Find out how soon you recover



The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift is a simple, minimally invasive technique. It has been tested for 4 years. The lattice implant is safe, reliable and cannot be displaced.

Read more about why it is safe .

The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift is a simple, clinically tested technique. The lattice implant is made of FDA-approved material. The device itself is in the process of being certified under Lloyd's Registrar , UK .


Minimized risks

The N.M.G.L. Buttock Lift is a minimally invasive technique. This alone minimizes any operation-related complications. Antibiotics are enough to prevent postoperative infections.

The surgical technique has been tested for 4 years. It relies less on surgical skills and more on the lattice implant itself. This has been proved safe and reliable .


FDA-approved material

The lattice implant is made of medical silicone , the same type that has been used for breast implants for years. It cannot be felt or displaced.

The N.M.G.L. material is certified under FDA. This means it has been tested for long-term implantation and has been proved safe , effective and reliable . It has not been reported to cause any fever, blood cell damage, skin sensitivity or pain in the joints.


FDA certification & CE mark process

De.Me.Pro. has taken all actions to obtain the FDA certification and the European Union CE mark for the N.M.G.L. medical device. This involves a lengthy process with 8-10 months validation period.

Until then, medical professionals assume all risks and liabilities for any use of N.M.G.L. in their practice.

Photo Material
This section offers before and after photos of patients that have undergone the NMGL surgery. The photographs below best demonstrate the positive results of the NMGL technique in the rectification of gluteal ptosis.

Thanks To:

Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 1) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 2)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 3) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 4)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 5) After N.M.G.L.™ in right side (Photo 6)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 7) After N.M.G.L.™ in both sides (Photo 8)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 9) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 10)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 11) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 12)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 13) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 14)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 15) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 16)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 17) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 18)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 19) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 20)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 21) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 22)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 23) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 24)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 25) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 26)
Before the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 27) After the N.M.G.L.™ (Photo 28)

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Butt Implants - Gluteoplasty

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Gluteoplasty Costs:

Only Procedure: USD 2,000
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J.Lo-Butt Implants Explode!


A woman who yearned to have a bottom as luscious and rounded as the rear end of pop star Jennifer Lopez has found her dreams blasted to smithereens -- after her butt implants exploded!

Candy Jones- Davies, 22, vows to sue the hospital where surgeons allegedly pumped the implants so full of curve-creating air, they both blew sky-high -- right on the operating table.

And she says a surgical nurse has agreed to testify in her attempt to collect $17.5 million for medical expenses, lost future wages and emotional pain and suffering.

"She told me they had just put in the implants, when one of the surgeons -- she's not sure which one, but she knows what he said -- started saying, 'Well, if she wants J.Lo's butt, let's give it to her.' And they pumped more air into the implants. Then another one said, 'Come on, that's nothing, let's go for it.' And they just kept pushing the limit until it all just exploded."

Jones-Davies, a receptionist from Pretoria, South Africa, says that before the butt blast, she was on the verge of signing a modeling contract with the talent agency where she works.

"They told me if I got butt implants to look like J.Lo, I could be one of their top girls," she says.

Instead, Jones-Davies not only suffered second- and third-degree burns to both cheeks, but because of tissue loss her behind is even smaller and flatter than before the surgery.

"I'm flat as a board," says Jones-Davies. "No one's going to sign a fashion model who looks like an 80-year-old man from the back.

"I'm lucky to have a job at all -- I can't sit for more than 20 minutes at a time before my backside gets numb and I get stabbing pains down my legs. I'm just lucky they let me take a lot of breaks at work, or this ugly can would be getting me canned."

A hospital spokeswoman says Davies-Jones' doctors were using a new inflatable implant that adjusts to a custom-fitted size. She says the hospital may file a defective- product complaint against the manufacturer.

She adds that Jones-Davies "must also bear some responsibility" for the fanny fiasco.

"She told our doctors at the initial consultation that she wanted to 'out-J.Lo J.Lo' -- her exact words, I'm told," says the spokeswoman. "And with all due respect, she had a long way to go to even begin to have the firm, well-rounded proportions of Miss Lopez. If our doctors failed, it was in trying too hard to serve their patient.

"And," she adds, "our surgeons' quick response actually minimized the damage to Miss Jones-Davies, who would have no bottom at all if not for their knowledge and skill."

Davies-Jones angrily rejects that claim.

"I might have said something like that, but they are doctors, and they should know how far to go before it gets dangerous," she says.

"And I didn't think they'd pump me up so much I'd pop like a balloon at a kid's birthday party."

Who Are The Best Candidates?
An area of the body not easily enlarged, shaped by weight training or diet is the buttocks region. Individuals that wish to enlarge, lift, and shape the buttock mounds, have a variety of different size and shape buttock implants from which to choose. The decision for the shape and size of the implants is made depending on each person’s individual desires and on their general body build. Buttock implants are very soft, SOLID SILICONE implants and are completely unlike breast implants, which are soft, FLUID-FILLED sacks.

Generally, anyone in average physical condition or good health can be a candidate for buttock implant (augmentation) surgery.

Before & After Photos of Butt Implants
buttock implants before after photos

Click here to see more Before and After Photos of Butt Implants.

About the Procedure and Recovery Time:
Placed into each buttock area through a single incision overlying the tailbone, buttock implants are positioned to look as natural as possible for the optimal cosmetic effect.

Since this is an area of the body that is required for walking, sitting, and so many other movements, patients might experience greater pain during the recovery period than other common cosmetic surgery procedures and the recovery time is usually longer. Pain medications typically are prescribed to help with the discomfort, but after approximately 5-7 days the patient is able to be up and about; moving, walking, and sitting more comfortably.

There is generally very little swelling and bruising after buttock augmentation so the results may be seen very soon after surgery. Full physical activities are usually permitted within a month after surgery.

Surgical risks may include: infection, bleeding, nerve and/or muscle damage, slippage and asymmetry.

What to Expect:
With the patient asleep (general anesthesia) a two to three inch incision is made between the buttocks in the midline. Through this incision the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus) is lifted up and a pocket is made just large enough for the implant. The implant is inserted into its pocket. The opposite side is then completed. Both sides are carefully examined in order to assure that the results look natural and symmetric. Dissolvable stitches placed in the skin incision. A bandage is placed that provides compression to the buttocks which in turn helps reduce discomfort and swelling. The person leaves the office surgical center within an hour or so after the two hour procedure. The patient may be very uncomfortable the first several days. It is difficult to turn in any position to get comfortable and it is important that someone be with the person at least overnight and probably for the next several days just to help get out of bed, prepare meals, etc.

The taped dressing that is applied during surgery to provide compression and support is usually removed two to three days following surgery. At this time the patient can take showers and begin to move around more normally. The results can be seen immediately but the buttocks look more natural and become more soft as the muscle stretches during the several months after surgery.

Full activities including gym work, bicycling, and running can usually be resumed about four weeks following surgery. It may take up to six or eight months until the results feel as if they're part of the body and the patient forgets about them even being there.

Costs and Financing Information:
See our Costs & Financing page for more information.

Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing your Surgeon:
So you've finally decided to get the buttock augmentation you've been thinking about for some time. The only thing to do now… is to find the right surgeon who can assure you'll receive the best success without any problems.

To begin, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to realize that not all surgeons perform butt implants. The fact is… very, very few perform this difficult procedure on A REGULAR BASIS.

True, many surgeons will say they perform buttock implants. Many will even say they do them regularly. But, the key is to find someone fully qualified, that performs the procedure AT LEAST 4-5 TIMES PER MONTH. That means, the surgeon you choose, should average approximately one every week.

Why is this SO IMPORTANT?

Because buttock augmentation is a difficult operation… more so, than most people realize. Here's why —

1) Due to the stress placed on the buttock region of the human body during sitting, walking, running, and other daily activities, any implant placed in this area will be subjected to radical and often intensive movement. One only needs to think about how many times they sit, during an average day, with the full weight of their body on the implant and surrounding tissue, to understand this. Thus, the likelihood of an implant shifting or moving after surgery, is greater than most other implant procedures.

Needless to say, having one's butt end up on their hip won't generally result in the aesthetic 'look' one usually desires.

The bottom line, is that it's critical to have the expertise—gained from performing many buttock implant procedures—to successfully pick the proper area of the gluteal muscle within the fascia, the implant pocket, so that the buttock implant is assured of not shifting out of place… and over time, it eventually becomes an integral part of the muscle. This knowledge is ONLY GAINED by performing this procedure regularly.

2) Another extremely important consideration—one that every patient needs to be aware of—is the primary reason WHY they're having the surgery even performed… the final results. How they'll look AFTER the operation is completed.

Again, you should realize that butt implants are solid, silicone prosthetic devices. So, they must usually be carved, or shaped, before insertion. So, having the expertise to properly shape the implant, a process where the surgeon artfully sculpts the solid silicone device with a scalpel before insertion, so it appears natural yet enhancing, for each individual body type... is very critical.

There's nothing more eye-catching after surgery, than a poorly sculpted buttock implant… one that somehow seems oddly fit for the individual's body type.

Dr. Chugay's artistic ability is evident in most everything he does. His aesthetic style in sculpting the buttock implants for each individual's body type has been gained from years of expertise, only developed by having done so many procedures. He is truly an artist.

3) Perhaps the most important consideration during your selection process… is the issue dealing with likelihood of infection.

Simply stated, buttock implants are placed, after a moderate-sized incision, in an area of the body where there is a much higher chance of bacterial infection. It goes without saying, that no matter who you are, the proximity of any surgical procedure to the rectal area, is one where severe infection can occur.


The fact is, if the surgeon you're about to select hasn't performed buttock augmentation on a regular basis, you will more than likely subject yourself to an increased risk of severe infection. And, In some cases, infection requires that the implants be removed during an emergency procedure… one that can leave you in extreme pain, for a long, long time. Bear in mind, that, as was stated earlier, buttock implants are subjected to the full weight of your body, when sitting, or even walking. Multiple surgeries in this area, with the added stress of supporting body weight, can add to pain and disfigurement. ANY infection in this area will make you wish you hadn't taken a chance on a surgeon that DIDN'T HAVE THE SUCCESSFUL TRACK RECORD of performing hundreds of these procedures. Furthermore, removal of the implants due to infection, will usually leave you with scarring and complications.

Dr. Chugay's unique surgical technique and experience, greatly minimizes the chance of infection.


  1. How many buttock implants did the surgeon you are considering do last month? How many last week? How many in the last three months? Just remember, buttock implant procedures require that the surgeon isn't merely a 'visitor' to this type of surgery...but, someone who is a 'regular'.
  2. Ask the surgeon if you can speak with his most recent few buttock implant patients. Most surgeons who perform this difficult procedure regularly won't have a problem letting you speak with their former patients.
  3. Ask him if he's ever had any complications from implant shifting, or infection. A poor decision, based on cost, or lack of experience can come back to haunt you, the next time you attempt to sit down...


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