Sometimes she's making a fashion statement. Sometimes she's being a slob. Either way, she's an inspiration to college-age women everywhere. If you're a young woman, this page should be enough to convince you that all the classy women - from Jackie Onassis and Princess Di right on down to Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson - are proud of their buttcracks and don't care if the whole world sees them! So lower those jeans and lose that thong! You'll have your own reality show before you know it!

Here are some new pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg. They get really big if you click on them, but they're grainy.



Also, the video of her dancing with her crack showing is on YouTube. Click here if the embed isn't working.


If plumber's butt is hereditary, it definitely runs in the Simpson family. I have two new ones of Jessica and three new ones of Ashlee.
Lindsay Lohan showing her ass at some children's awards show.



And here's a link to a video of the accidental booty flash, but it only shows it from the side.

Here are a couple more new ones of Lindsay. They get bigger if you click on them.


Also, there's a whole page of her with some better pictures of her crack.


Here is a new picture of Angelina Jolie (thanks, BKS) and an old one that I've never used for some reason.





NEW PICTURES FOR March 31, 2006.  Is Reese Witherspoon's buttcrack all you've ever hoped for? I'm looking for a higher-resolution picture, but so far this is all I've got:



And here are a couple more pictures of Eva Herzigova's crack:




I was checking my referrer stats a few minutes ago and noticed that for some reason a lot of people are searching for Brittany Daniel right now. Who knows why, but here are some totally decent pictures of her naked ass. As usual, huge thanks to the people who capped these and the people who post them on Usenet. Without you and the people who follow Cate Blanchett around with a camera I'd have nothing.




Melanie Griffith! Kelly Clarkson! Eva Longoria! Lindsay Lohan!




Today I have six pictures of Sonya Krauss (the German Vanna White, or something like that), three of Rebecca Romijn and one of Sharon Stone.

 I am not holding true to my principles! The first thing they teach you in plumber school is that you can't have plumber's butt if you aren't wearing any pants! But today all of my new pictures are of (somewhat) famous women that aren't wearing pants, but somehow the plumber's butt effect is there anyway.  Sienna Miller hasn't been in any big movies, but she's been in the news a lot lately because of her bad taste in boyfriends. I like her taste in dresses, though.


Here's a picture from the movie "Havoc" of Anne Hathaway fixing some chick's pipes for her. Thanks to for the picture. There are more of Anne to come later.




You may remember Jordana Brewster from "The Faculty" and "The Fast And The Furious." If you click this thumbnail, you'll get a huge picture of her checking her cellphone. It's kind of grainy, but if you look close you can see that the text message she's reading on there says, "UR BUTS SHOWING LOL."


New Celebs!
There are more on the way.


Alyson Michalka

She's barely famous and she's a little too young for a pervert like you to be looking at the crack of her bony ass.


Ana Beatriz Barros

She's a Brazilian model. (2 pictures)


Angela Griffin

British Actress


Angie Everheart

You may think she's just the kind of stupid model that Howard Stern is always babbling about, but actually she's very important, having been the quarterback in the Lingerie Bowl in 2005.


Bridget Fonda

If you want to see her entire ass, watch "Jackie Brown."


Chloe Sevigny

Most overpoweringly awesome actress of all time in every way. (2 pictures)



She's an obscure singer whose name sounds like a Japanese car. Here she is at some music awards show.



Someone just e-mailed me and told me she's Ice-T's wife.


Colleen Camp

You may remember her from such movies as "Battle For The Planet Of The Apes," "Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol" and "Apocalypse Now."


Drea de Matteo

One of my favorite moments on "The Sopranos" was when she projectile vomited all over a bunch of FBI agents.


Drew Barrymore

She's so cute I can almost forgive her for being in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle." Almost. Click for a few more pictures.


Elisha Cuthbert

There are 8,000 pictures of her available on the web and I have chosen to put the only ugly one on here because it shows about 1 cm of her buttcrack.


Geri Halliwell

I'm working on getting the buttcracks of all of the Spice Girls. (2 Pictures)


Jennifer Aniston

She was in that movie about the guy with the stapler. (3 Pictures)


Jennifer Jason Leigh

If you don't have a crush on her I'm going to beat you up.


Linda Park

From groundbreaking, sophisticated science fiction like "Star Trek: Enterprise" and "Jurassic Park III."


Maggie Grace

I'm actively avoiding every movie and TV show she's ever been in, but her buttcrack is good enough for me.


Margot Stilley

She's mostly done softcore porn-type movies. I admire her because this is the most shameless ass-cleavage-showing dress anyone has ever worn in public.


Milla Jovovich

(2 pictures)


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is so special that 1/8 of an inch of her buttcrack is equal to 4 inches of Christina Aguilera's.


Venus de Milo

Even goddesses are doing the butt cleavage look these days.



Old Celebs


Adriana Lima (5 pictures)

Amanda Bynes (3 pictures)

Angelina Jolie

Anna Kournikova (2 pictures)

Ashlee Simpson (8 pictures and a video)

Avril Lavigne (13 pictures)

Blu Cantrell

Britney Spears (39 pictures)

Brittany Daniel (4 pictures)

Brooke Shields

Cameron Diaz (10 pictures)

Carla Bruni (2 pictures)

Carmen Electra (5 pictures)

Cate Blanchett

Charisma Carpenter (2 pictures)

Charlotte Church (2 pictures)

Christina Aguilera (11 pictures)

Cindy Crawford (2 pictures)

Courtney Love (2 pictures)

Danica Patrick

Donna Air

Emily Lloyd

Eva Longoria (2 pictures)

Helena Christensen

Hilary Duff (3 pictures)

Jackie Onassis

Jaime Pressly

Jennifer Lopez (13 pictures)

Jessica Alba (13 pictures)

Jessica Biel (3 pictures)

Jessica Simpson

Joely Richardson

Jolene Blalock (4 pictures)

Jordana Brewster (3 pictures)

Kate Beckinsale (4 pictures)

Kate Lawler (6 pictures)

Katie Holmes

Kelly Clarkson (7 pictures)

Kelly Osbourne

Keira Knightley (5 pictures)

Kirsten Dunst (4 pictures)

Kylie Bax

Kylie Minogue (3 pictures)

Laura Prepon

Lindsay Lohan (9 pictures)

Liz McClarnon

Madonna (7 pictures)

Michelle Branch

Mischa Barton (3 pictures)

Monica Bellucci (9 pictures)

Natalie Portman (2 pictures)

Nikka Costa (2 pictures)

Pam Anderson (4 pictures)

Paris Hilton (4 pictures)

Pink (5 pictures)

Posh Spice

Princess Diana

Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (3 pictures)

Salma Hayek (5 pictures)

Serena Williams (5 pictures)

Shannen Doherty (2 pictures)

Sigourney Weaver (3 pictures)

Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson (5 pictures)

Stephanie McMahon (2 pictures)

Talisa Soto

Tara Reid (2 pictures)

Trish Stratus (4 pictures)

Toni Braxton (2 pictures)

Tyra Banks (3 pictures)

Uma Thurman (12 pictures)

Vanessa Marcil (5 pictures)

Great Thanks To:

Monique Coleman's wardrobe malfunction

Actress Monique Coleman had a wardrobe malfunction on "Dancing With The Stars" the other night and briefly exposed her bare ass on national TV. Here are some vidcaps of the incident. Click on them to see them bigger.


Click here for a 1.2 MB animated GIF of the incident.

And here's a YouTube video of it:


I want to thank TQO and lazarus on SuperiorPics for making this stuff available.

12:13 pm cdt

Kate Lawler



I don't know why I should care about Kate Lawler. She's a minor British celebrity who's famous because she was on Big Brother over there.

But I think she's cute. Here's a picture of her revealing her ass to the world on a beach somewhere during this year's World Cup.



Here are a few more pictures of her cute English ass.

6:16 pm cdt

More LOTR buttcrack


Legolas is more badass than you could ever be. In two seconds, he can shoot an orc dead with an arrow, pull it out of the orc's dead body, stab another orc in the eye with it, and then shoot another orc dead with the same arrow, all while surfing down a flight of stairs on a shield.

Here's his Elfcrack:


5:48 pm cdt

 Emmanuelle Chriqui


Emmanuelle Chriqui is a Jewish-Canadian actress who hasn't been in anything really big yet. Her family's from Morocco and her last name is pronounced "Shreeky." If you click on this picture it'll get a lot bigger and you'll see that she needs to buy a belt.


10:31 pm cdt

 Another ass-washing video


Galilea Montijo is a Mexican actress and TV hostess. Here's a crude video of her washing her ass on a celebrity Big Brother show.


10:13 am cdt

Kate Moss

Here are a couple of pictures of Kate Moss that I like.




9:02 am cdt

Judy Collins

Judy Collins was a popular hippy folk singer in the 60's and 70's. In 1979 people thought it was sort of a big deal when she posed nude for a record cover. It doesn't look like much now, but I'm sure seeing this when I was 14 damaged me for life.


8:50 am cdt

This is talent




8:57 pm cdt

 Shue Fetish


Probably the most touching moment in motion picture history came in Leaving Las Vegas. Elisabeth Shue, the hooker with a heart of gold, knew that Nicholas Cage was suicidal and intended to drink himself to death. Did she call the mental health authorities? Did she tell him about Jesus? Did she drag him to an AA meeting?

Hell NO! She went out and bought him a really nice hip flask! TRUE LOVE!

Here's a picture of her ass from another movie.


7:42 pm cdt

Five supermodel buttcracks

Sasha Pivovarova has a baby face, but she was born in 1986, so it's okay to look at her butt.


Astrid Muñoz is a supermodel from Puerto Rico:


Besides being a supermodel and beating up her employees with electronic devices, Naomi Campbell is a singer who has sold over a million albums in Japan. You knew it had to be Japan, right?


Laetitia Casta is my girlfriend, actually, so just scroll past this picture of her, okay?


This picture of Stephanie Seymour gets really big when you click on it.


7:24 pm cdt

 Manuela Arcuri


This picture of the Italian actress Manuela Arcuri came from Taxi Driver.


5:18 pm cdt


Yet another "interchangable" (the word used by their record company) member of an artificial "girl group," this time one of the Pussycat Dolls. The difference between this one and people like Michelle Heaton and Cheryl Tweedy is that this one appears to have a Y chromosome. Thanks to my friend in Israel for the picture.


5:09 pm cdt

Kate Beckinsale

Here are some pictures of Kate Beckinsale's buttcrack that get big and blurry if you click on them. I want to thank the different people who e-mailed these to me.




Here's a page with all the pictures I have of Kate's buttcrack.

4:57 pm cdt

Bai Ling

Here are some pictures of Chinese actress Bai Ling's butt.


4:42 pm cdt

Nichelle Nichols naked?

This is supposed to be Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura on Star Trek.


Stephanie McMahon getting her pants pulled down on WWF

Here's a video of Stephanie McMahon on WWF getting dragged around by the waistband of her pants, exposing her ass to the world on TV. It came out pretty grainy on Youtube, but if you click the capture below it, you can see an animation I made of the best part that's better quality. The animation is big (1.87 MB).


Click here if the embed isn't working.


6:32 pm cdt

Ice-T's Wife Coco

Here are a couple of pictures of Ice-T's wife Coco.


6:31 pm cdt

 Kylie Minogue's butt cleavage video





Here's the video clip that I got this old picture of Kylie Minogue's buttcrack from. It's very short and doesn't show much more than you see here.

7:43 pm cdt

Buck naked First Lady

This picture of Jackie Onassis has always been on here, but now it's part of a montage where you can see her completely naked. I have been studying her bush carefully for clues to the truth about Dealy Plaza.



1:31 pm cdt

Kelly Clarkson

This picture of Kelly Clarkson has been on here for a long time, but before it was really small and had a watermark all over it. I hate Kelly Clarkson, but this is a pretty cute picture.


1:30 pm cdt

Mischa Barton

Here's a new (to me) picture of Mischa Barton with plumber's butt. If you click it, you'll go to a whole page of her.



1:29 pm cdt

Sheri Moon



House Of A Thousand Corpses was so bad that when I saw it, people were walking out of the theater and flipping off the screen on their way out. The only good thing about it was some anonymous actress with a coin slot showing:



When the sequel, The Devil's Rejects, came out, people said it was a lot better, but I never saw it because the first one was so bad. But I think one of the things that must have made people like it more was that the same actress, whose name is Sheri Moon, showed a lot more of her ass in it.


7:37 pm cdt

Debbie Harry is the shiniest rock star ever!

Butt-head: If you look up Deborah Harry in the phone book, it says, "Harry Deborah." Huh huh!
Beavis: Huh huh huh! Huh huh huh! [pause] Why?



Even though Exene says Debbie Harry was "snotty" to her, you have to respect her for getting naked back in the Seventies, when none of the other rock stars would even show a little bit of butt cleavage.



Debbie is definitely the shiniest rock star there ever was!


7:27 pm cdt

Nadine Coyle Again

Nadine Coyle is a British pop singer. Clicking on this picture will take you to a whole page of pictures of her buttcrack. Some of them are pretty cute.


6:57 am cdt

Pamela David

Pamela David is a small-time actress from Argentina who got her start on a reality show. Click to see un foto muy grande of her South American buttcrack.


6:56 am cdt

 Kirsten Dunst


Katherine Heigl's buttcrack up close and personal

This picture of Katherine Heigl gets extremely big if you click on it.


11:23 pm cdt

 Me or Britney? Can you spot the difference?


I bet nobody in the world wants to see this, but just to prove I'm not above it all, here's a picture that my friend Christin took of me with plumber's butt:



It took me three years, but I finally got the chance to return the favor:



And now that I've posted this, I'm going to sit back and wait for MTV to call me.

8:48 pm cdt

A brief history of Avril Lavigne's buttcrack

Avril Lavigne used to be a singer. I never would have paid any attention to her at all if it wasn't for her buttcrack. In 2002 she sang a song at the MMVA awards show wearing a wireless microphone that pulled her pants down in the back and displayed her teen buttcrack on live TV. Here's a grainy video of it:


The next year when she did the show, she got someone to write "MMVA" on her butt with a magic marker (I would have been willing to do it, but she asked someone else for some reason) and she kept pulling her pants down to show it to people. This is what people saw whenever she pulled her pants down:


Here's a video clip of her showing it on stage:


Here's an animation I just made of the best part. This post would have been up several hours ago, except I can't stop watching this.



Click on it to get a bigger version that's 938 KB. Also, you can click here to go to a page with lots of pictures of her crack.

8:31 pm cdt

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen is a supermodel from Brazil who was so skinny when she was growing up that the other kids called her "Olívia Palito," which is what they call Olive Oyl in Portuguese. One day, according to Wikipedia, she was eating a Big Mac at McDonald's when a modeling agent discovered her. Here are some big pictures of her heart-shaped Brazilian ass.



6:54 am cdt

 Melissa Joan Hart


Here's a picture of Melissa Joan Hart from a bad movie called "Rent Control." I haven't seen it, but I know it's bad because it had the guy who plays Father Guido Sarducci in it.


11:30 am cdt

Michelle Heaton

Here's a picture of Michelle Heaton out in public with half her ass showing. She wants you to pull on that string. If you click on it, it goes to a page with some more pictures of her butt.


11:28 am cdt

Sophomoric babbling about Ashlee Simpson's buttcrack



I hate Ashlee Simpson. I don't hate her as much as her sister, but I still hate her. She was an experiment by some record company to see if they could really force a completely random person on you as a rock star if they just marketed her right. Turns out they can. She got a nose job recently because the marketing executives wanted to make her even less interesting to see if she would still sell CDs. They want to push the envelope and see how boring someone can be and still be played on the radio. Have they gone too far yet?

I bet the fucking marketing weasels have probably calculated exactly how much ass cleavage she should display at every appearance and spent thousands on specially designed jeans. I hate her like I hate these little warty skin-tag things that keep growing in my arm pits, but I'm putting new pictures of her on here because I can't help it because I'm addicted to crack.




Those pictures get a lot bigger if you click on them. Click here for a whole page of older pictures of Ashlee's frankencrack.

10:12 pm cdt

Naomi Spelled Backwards Is I Moan






I sent her all of the stickers (which were inspired by the notorious "Have Sex With Bob" stickers) along with a letter saying that I had printed up a whole bunch of them and that I had stuck most of them up around town and given the rest to her ex-boyfriend. I thought she was going to be really pissed off because I had stuck naked pictures of her up all over town, but I expected her to laugh and forgive me when I told her it was all a joke and there were only a few of them.

But when she found out it was all a joke and there were only a few stickers, that's when she got mad. She was totally disappointed that there weren't really naked pictures of her all over Austin. I ended up printing out a whole lot of them for real and putting them everywhere. You would be doing a beautiful thing if you print out a bunch of "Have Sex With Naomi" stickers and stick them up everywhere you go.

Please click on one of these thumbnails and take a closer look at Naomi.









Back in the 90's, Naomi moved from Austin to Toronto to put posters on telephone poles. A couple of months later I printed up a few stickers using a picture of her standing naked on the landing of my apartment building. The stickers looked like this:

9:20 pm cdt

Kayleigh, Kaley and Keeley


Kayleigh Pearson is a British model.



Keeley Hawes is an actress who's doing the voice of Lara Croft now. This is what she had to say about her modeling career: "I was the worst model of all time, my bum was too fat." Look at that fat bum!

You can't see much of Kaley Cuoco here, but if you're interested in her teenage ass, you might like this picture anyway.

2:14 pm cdt

Leonor Watling

You wouldn't know it from her name, but Leonor Watling is a Spanish actress who's been in movies like A Mi Madre Le Gustan Las Mujeres and El Carnaval de Sodoma.

2:12 pm cdt

Madonna from way back when



People tried to make a big scandal out of it when Playboy published some naked pictures of Madonna that were taken before she was famous, but she didn't care. This one was my favorite.


9:12 pm cdt

Janelle Fishman

I don't really know who Janelle Fishman is, but apparently it's her supermodel buttcrack in both of these pictures.




9:06 pm cdt

Cate Blanchett

If you're normal, you've probably fantasized about Galadriel's buttcrack a lot. Here's Cate Blanchett using her magical elf-ring powers to fix someone's pipes, and some pictures of her naked from a movie called "Little Fish."




9:05 pm cdt

Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly looks much less cheesy and inflatable than usual in this picture.


Maybe buttcracks really are the key to world peace First, I would like to say that Hispanic buttcrack rules and the more times Michelle Rodriguez gets arrested for drunk driving, the hotter she gets. (This only applies to attractive women, by the way, so Dick Cheney's buttcrack still isn't hot.)   
 11:11 pm cdtJust the cracks, ma'am!
Barbara Hershey



7tGreat Thanks To: 






Charlize Theron
Christina Milian
Reese Witherspoon
6:58 Vikki turn your back on me Vikki Dougan was an actress from the fifties and sixties who was only in a few movies, but was famous for always wearing dresses that showed her butt cleavage. The Limeliters wrote a funny song about her that had these verses in it: 

9:04 pm cdtI'll Teach Your Grandmother To Show Her Buttcrack 9:02 pm just moments ago: should try to get pics of gods buttcrack lol

1:55 pm cdt

Neve Campbell's butt is really clean

Here's an animation I made of the best part of Neve Campbell's very long shower scene from When Will I Be Loved.

1:39 pm cdt

Cheryl Tweedy and Michelle Heaton

Can you tell Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud and Michelle Heaton from Liberty X apart? Apparently, they're two different people. If you're in England and you see one of them and need to identify her, remember that Michelle's tramp stamp is much closer to her buttcrack than Cheryl's is.





Those Michelle Heaton pictures are from a Miami Vice premiere and I want to thank Jacques for bringing them to my attention and Steveweiser for posting them on SuperiorPics.

Here's a page with some more pictures of Michelle Heaton's crack.

12:47 pm cdt

Pink CD cover

Here's the back of Pink's last CD. I'm going to try to find this in higher resolution.


Here's another picture of her that looks like it's been around since Moulin Rouge.


Here's a page with all the pictures I have of Pink's buttcrack.

12:01 pm cdt

 Her dad was, like, in the Rolling Stones or something


The beginning of one of the greatest love sagas ever told was when Aragorn and Arwen met and plighted their troth on the shining hill of Caras Galadon in the enchanted land of Lothlorien, realm of the terrible and glorious Elf-Queen Galadriel. He ended up with manly stubble like you wouldn't believe (he even married Exene) and she gave up immortality for the sake of his kingly love.

Here's her Elfcrack.

10:34 pm cdt

Ice-T's wife Coco seems to be okay with you looking at her butt

I've noticed that a lot of the traffic coming to my site is from people looking for Ice-T's wife Coco. She reminds me of when George Costanza wanted to be nicknamed T-Bone, but his boss nicknamed him Coco instead and then something funny happened. Was that the one where he got fired for fucking the cleaning lady on his desk? I don't care, so don't tell me.



Here's another picture of Coco that I posted before. And here's another one.

10:04 pm cdt

Thanks for Bob from

Reluctant Juliette Binoche butt photography video

Here's the video I promised of Lena Olin sitting on Juliette Binoche in "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being" and pulling her panties down to take pictures of her ass.


11:45 pm cdt


This picture of Carla Bruni's butt cleavage is one of the oldest pictures on here, but now it's a lot bigger. You can thank the Continuous Improvement program that Show Us Your Butt Publications implemented in 1996. It's finally paying off.


9:40 pm cdt

Sophia Loren

Whenever I think of Sophia Loren, I think of the Minutemen song that goes,

Well, Merv Griffin said,
In the heart of Italy,
The people there
Are probably the least religious in the world!
And Sophia Loren said,
I don't know about that!

Sophia Loren has probably shown everything God gave her in some movie 40 years ago, so it's probably stupid to show these little grainy pictures of her senior citizen buttcrack, but stupidity never stopped the celebrity buttcrack thing before and I'm not about to let it start now.


9:37 pm cdt

Buttcracks On A Motherfuckin Plane

How could you confuse Rachel Blanchard, star of cinema classics like "Sugar And Spice" and "Snakes On A Plane" with Alicia Silverstone? I have no fucking idea, but someone sent me this picture of her buttcrack and told me it was Alicia's! Let's keep our B-list actress cracks properly categorized, you guys!

I know Rachel Blanchard isn't exactly a household name yet (not until "Snakes On A Plane" sweeps the Oscars), but if you click on this thumbnail you'll see her buttcrack all up close and personal.


9:35 pm cdt

Unwilling Juliette Binoche Crack!

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being," where Lena Olin sits on a reluctant Juliette Binoche and pulls her panties down to take pictures of her butt. Juliette decides she likes having her butt photographed after all. I'm going to see if I can find a video of this to post on here.



9:34 pm cdt

Lindze Letherman

Did you know you can show teenagers' buttcracks on daytime TV in the U.S. now? Here are some caps of Lindze Letherman's butt cleavage from "General Hospital." Studies show that CPR is 92% more effective when done by a teenage girl with plumber's butt.


9:31 pm cdt

Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen is a supermodel who was in Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" video. Here is a picture of her where you can see her bottom.


9:30 pm cdt

Ashanti, Ciara, Rihanna



What do Ashanti, Ciara and Rihanna have in common? They're all singers with one-word names that sound like Japanese cars, I wouldn't know any of them if I heard them, and they all know the key to fame in the 21st Century is to show the coin slot every chance you get.



7:06 pm cdt

Advil Lasagna

Here's a Youtube video of Avril Lavigne showing her buttcrack at an awards show.


Also, here's a link from Taxi Driver to a video of the same thing that I think is better quality:


6:33 am cdt

Everyone knows what Scarlett Johansson's butt looks like now



I want to officially retract the libel I posted about Scarlett Johansson being "stingy with the buttcrack." She recently had her entire ass displayed on a billboard, which is as generous as you can get.

6:08 am cdt




People in Germany are pissed off because the British tabloid The Sun printed a picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel showing her arsch while changing out of her bathing suit. If you ask me, the picture looks fine. I think the real outrage is probably over the bad puns that accompanied the picture, like "Big In The Bumdestag" and "Cheeky chancellor." Unfortunately, this is the biggest copy of the picture I can find.



5:30 pm cdt

Kelly 2



This cute picture of Kelly Osbourne's coin slot is the same one that's always been on the site, but it's a bigger version.

9:33 pm cdt

Kelly 1

Here are three new pictures of Kelly Clarkson. I think only the last one gives a really good look at her buttcrack, but some people think it's there in the first one, too.

9:28 pm cdt

The Britcrack lives on



HAW! HAW! HAW! These midgets are closer to Britney's buttcrack than YOU'LL ever be! HAW! HAW! HAW!

Speaking of Britney Spears, there are forty pictures of her here showing her buttcrack in public. It can only make you wonder, "Does Britney EVER do a crack check? Does she EVER put her hand back there, feel crack, and pull her pants up to try to cover it? EVER?" Well, she has done so at least once, and here's a picture to prove it. There's no crack, but if you click it you can see her tattoo pretty clearly.

No matter what some people say about Britney being a washed-up, overweight, white-trash whore who never had any talent, look at this picture of her ass. That is a world-class ass, and we should appreciate her decision to share the top couple of inches of it with us every day.

8:34 pm cdt

Naked Chloe



I have an old friend, whose S&M-bruised ass was in one of the crudely-Xeroxed SUYB zines I used to put out, who has a job in the movie business and swears that Chloe Sevigny sexually molested her at a film festival. Could Chloe be any more perfect?


Chloe, if you're reading this, please note that I have a job and my own car and no sexually transmitted diseases. You know where to reach me.

7:38 pm cdt

We're calling it a coin-slot from now on

A while back, a Spanish language site linked to Famous Women With Plumber's Butt. The link said something like, "Se te ve la hucha! Subete los pantalones inmediatemente!" Which, of course, means, "Your hucha is visible! Pull your pants up right now!" I did a Google Image search for "hucha" and what came up was a bunch of pictures of piggy banks, so I figured out that "hucha" means "coin-slot." That was the first time I heard someone call butt cleavage a coin-slot.

Well, now Lindsay Lohan is on Saturday Night Live doing a commercial for "Coin-Slot Cream." (Click here to see the video.) Below is a huge capture from the video of a coin-slot that isn't Lindsay Lohan's, and a picture of Lindsay where you can see her tramp-stamp that says "La Dolce Vita.".


If you look at the page of Lindsay crack pictures, you can see that a lot of them were taken before she got the tramp-stamp. But what about the one below? Is this her before the tattoo, or is it Hilary Duff? I could never tell the two of them apart and I like it that way.


7:04 pm cdt

You really do have to sing the Jennifer Lopez song



This first picture of Jennifer Lopez is one of the oldest celebrity buttcrack pictures on my site, but now it's a lot bigger than before. And here's a new one to go with it.


6:42 am cdt

I love wireless microphones

I think I'd like to be the guy whose job it is to clip the wireless microphone transmitter onto the back of Hilary Duff's pants.


6:11 am cdt

Let's start off with Thora Birch



I hate thongs! But I still like these pictures of Thora Birch! They get huge if you click on them.



11:49 pm cdt



Maybe you've never heard of some of these women. I haven't, either. But Vanna White is famous enough to cover them all.


 Katherine Heigl got to be famous when she was 15 by showing her butt in a thong in "My Father The Hero." I just put up a page with some pictures of her on it. Thanks to Justin for two of the pictures.
And here's a big closeup of Keira Knightley's crack from "Domino."


I just did a big update to the Britney Spears page. I added a lot of new pictures, and I also put up much bigger versions of a lot of the old ones.


NHere are some more buttcracks from fake British girl groups. I really love this first one, which belongs to Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud. If you click on it, it goes to a whole page of pictures of her, including some where she's mooning a bunch of little children on TV.



Also, here's Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud and Heidi Range and Mutya Buena from Sugababes. This Heidi Range picture was on here the other day, but I just found a much bigger version of it.




EHave you ever heard of a "pop group" called Liberty X? If not, I want to be your friend. The skinny British, with their strong beer and hard game shows, have a world-class talent for cranking out the worst fucking pre-packaged, mass-produced artificial pop bullshit I've never heard. That's right, I've never heard Liberty X and I don't want to. I just assume they suck even worse than the Spice Girls, based on about 30 seconds worth of Googling them, because I'm a fat, ignorant Yank. But unlike crappy American singers like Shania Twain and LeAnn Rimes, Michelle and Jessica from Liberty X get on my website because they go around with their bumcracks showing all the time.




WSomeone in Israel, who apparently wants to be anonymous, just sent me this short video clip from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" of Michelle Trachtenberg dancing with her crack hanging out. You can click on the picture to download the video, which is about 1.75 MB.



Supermodels only show their buttcracks on purpose. They wouldn't fix your pipes for someone like you if you got down on your lousy knees and begged them to!




These two pictures are of people you've probably never heard of, but I'm posting them today because they're the two oldest pictures in my "New Pics" These two pictures are of people you've probably never heard of, but I'm posting them today because they're the two oldest pictures in my "New Pics" folder. Maria Celeste is a Puerto Rican TV reporter (Katie Couric should take a hint from her and show her crack from time to time), and Heidi Range is a singer from a band called Sugababes. A guy named Milivan sent me the Heidi Range picture over six months ago (and he sent me a bona fide plumber picture of Paris Hilton at the same time, that I just now put on her page) and it slipped through the cracks due to my drunken incompetence. Here it is at last. Keep sending me pictures!
folder. Maria Celeste is a Puerto Rican TV reporter (Katie Couric should take a hint from her and show her crack from time to time), and Heidi Range is a singer from a band called Sugababes. A guy named Milivan sent me the Heidi Range picture over six months ago (and he sent me a bona fide plumber picture of  at the same time, that I just now put on her page) and it slipped through the cracks due to my drunken incompetence. Here it is at last. Keep sending me pictures!


As I mentioned below, 1/8 of an inch of Scarlett Johansson's buttcrack is equal to 4 inches of Christina Aguilera's buttcrack. That means this new picture of Scarlett's entire ass is equal to about 20 feet of Christina's buttcrack. Thanks to, where I just got this picture from.


PIToday I have new buttcrack shots of two of the three hottest Naomis in the world, Naomi Campbell and Naomi Watts. Of course, neither one of them is as hot as Naomi Auth, but who is?


 Here's a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar with plumber's butt, courtesy of BksTheBatman.



I found a lot of pictures of the crack of Jane Fonda's communist-sy  mpathizing ass the other day. Most of them are pretty grainy, but this one's nice. I think Dennis Hopper took this picture.


Here's a plumber shot of Kaley Cuoco from "8 Simple Rules."


This sweet picture of Diane Lane from "Cotton Club" makes her the 100th celebrity buttcrack on here, but it doesn't make up for Richard Gere being in the movie.



Serena Williams has a superhuman ass that simply cannot be contained by the kind of jeans that are designed for mortal women.

Thanks to David for the pictures.

T BksTheBatman sent me a lot of pictures, including this picture of Halle Berry's buttcrack.


Here's a big picture of Eva Mendes that I've had for a long time, but never put on here for some reason.


 Here's a picture of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas trying on the bikini her grandmother knitted her for Christmas. She's a good sport, isn't she? This picture gets really big if you click on it, and if you can manage to scroll down past her butter face you'll get a good look at her butt.



  J Lo Bigg Butt


J LO Big Booty Gallery

Jennifer Lopez Still Has A Great Ass In Jeans
Jennifer Lopez In A White Bikini
Jennifer Lopez In A Purple Bikini
Mya Showing Off Her Great Arse


Brooke Hogan
15 pictures
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Brooke Hogan
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Gwyneth Paltrow
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Lindsay Lohan
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Phoebe Price
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Carmen Russo
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  Gallery: Celebrities in Jeans







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