Female Body Types

It is essentially very important to know your body type before choosing the right nurtition and/or drugs to enhance your buttocks.

What is your body type? Which hormones determine your body shape?

DHEA Supplement for all body types experiencing imbalances. Next add foods and herbs with characteristics of the subnormal hormones 

The ANDROID shape  (add foods and herbs containing phyto- estrogens) Ideal exercise - brisk walking and aerobic workouts, no weights
This shape is characterized by a strong, thickset skeletal frame with large shoulders, a large rib cage and muscular limbs. The neck, chest and abdomen are rather thick and the pelvis is small so that android women are relatively straight up and down. They lack feminine curves and have muscular buttocks and powerful muscular thighs. The pelvis and buttocks do not curve outwards very much below a rather thick waist. Android women are somewhat masculine in shape and often make good athletes in sports requiring strength and staying power, such as body building, swimming and long distance running. They may be told that they resemble their fathers or brothers and yet these women are very attractive and glow with health. The bones in their limbs, hands and feet are large and they have more muscle mass and less fat tissue than most women unless they become overweight. If weight gain occurs, fat is deposited in the upper part of the body—above the pelvis. This produces a thickening of the neck, trunk, waist and abdomen and gives rise to the term ‘apple-shaped’ obesity. The android woman may also have skin problems such as excess facial and body hair (hirsutism), acne and hair loss from the scalp in the male pattern of hair loss. These things are the result of her higher levels of male hormones. 
must reduce their intake of saturated fats and salt. The foods that should be avoided are full cream dairy products, cheese, butter, cream, ice-cream, chocolate, deep fried foods, fatty meats, preserved meats (ham, pizza meats, bacon, sausage, delicatessen meats, smoked meats) and animal skins. Alcohol intake should be reduced. Android women need to eat plenty of salads & fruit as the liver function is improved by eating these raw living foods. Raw vegetable juices are excellent and can be taken with a liver tonic powder such as Livatone Plus.Protein can be derived from all types of seafood, eggs (boiled or poached), lean red meats and by combining grains, nuts, seeds & legumes. Generally speaking protein is good for androids as it reduces blood sugar levels and improves insulin resistance.Android women are usually strong and muscular and benefit from aerobic exercise such as swimming, brisk walking and aerobic workouts.
The GYNAEOID shape    (add foods and herbs containing phyto-testosterones) Ideal exercises aerobic (must use lower extremities) Work upper arms, back and shoulders to prevent narrowing.
This shape is characterized by a pear shape, with the body flaring outwards towards the hips and thighs. The buttocks are curved and rounded and the thighs are curved outwards laterally and may touch together on the inside or medial aspect. The bottom has a tendency to droop downwards (posterially) over the back of the thighs. The waist is tapered and smaller than the hips giving a feminine appearance. The breasts are variably sized and may be small to large. The shoulders are small to moderate in size. Typical measurements for a gynaeoid woman are 39", 29", 43". The bones of the arms and legs are feminine with tapered, fine forearms, wrists, shins and ankles. Even if obesity occurs, the forearms and shins remain relatively fine and slim with fat tissue accumulating firstly on the thighs, buttocks, breasts and later over the lower abdomen in front of the pubic bones. The bones of the pelvic cavity are wide, thus giving rise to the term ‘good childbearing hips’. Gynaeoid women tend to produce more estrogen and are “estrogen dominant”.
Gynaeoid women  must avoid foods combining fat & sugar together (eg. chocolate, cream cakes, sweet biscuits, custards and ice-cream)They should have regular protein such as fish, eggs, seafood, free range chicken (without the skin), nuts, seeds & legumes & whole meal cereals & bread.They should exercise the legs & buttocks with an exercise bike, brisk walking, skipping & swimming.
The LYMPHATIC shape  Use salt substitute, (add foods and herbs containing phyto-testosterones, and iodine rich sea vegetables) Ideal exercises Pilates, aerobics Yoga to help drain lymph system.

The lymphatic-shaped woman is characterized by a generalized thickening and puffiness of the body. This is due to the fact that she retains water easily especially in her limbs which gives her thick arms and legs with a straight up and down look along their length. The ankles and wrists are thick and puffy in appearance. The shoulders, breasts and rib cage are small to average in size and the abdomen protrudes in front. The trunk, like the limbs, is relatively straight up and down with a thick waist and moderate outward curves on the buttocks and pelvic area. The bones of the skeleton and the muscles are average in size and their shape is not clearly defined as they are covered by a thickish layer of fat and fluid. In other words it is difficult to see their bone structure and they are definitely not the ‘bony type’ which we find amongst thyroid-shaped women. The thick straight up and down look comes from the accumulation of fluid and fat in the tissues under the skin (subcutaneous layer) which is evenly distributed over the bone and muscle structures. If a lymphatic woman becomes obese her fat will be distributed all over her body, in the legs, feet, arms, hands, buttocks, abdomen, trunk, neck and face. Lymphatic women have often been ‘chubby’ since childhood and resemble a ‘cupid’ or ‘cuddly baby doll’ and most find that they gain weight easily.
avoid ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS (milk, butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, ice-cream, chocolate & margarine.They must drink plenty of pure water. They need to exercise regularly to aid their lymphatic system. They benefit from spicy foods (eg. curries, chilli, turmeric, coriander, garlic & ginger
The THYROID shape   avoid artificial sweeteners, synthetic diet pills, and smoking and excess levels of caffeine and alcohol. (Aerobic exercise to keep thyroid healthy, don’t skip meals.

The thyroid woman is characterized by a narrow streamlined shape with long limbs and fine bones. The long arms and legs produce a ‘thoroughbred racehorse look’. The breasts tend to be smallish although they may be moderate in size. Thyroid-shaped women are often tall, but even if they are not, they give the impression of being tall because of their long fine limbs. They have a ‘slender’ figure with a narrow waist and generally only small curves on the buttocks and thighs. They move gracefully and may be athletes, especially sprinters or basketball players, dancers or one of today’s models. Twiggy and Jerry Hall are the epitome of the thyroid shape. Their fingers and toes are long and fine to match their limbs and their necks are long and tend to be narrow. They could be described as ‘willowy’ meaning willow tree like and may have a fragile look about them. Their bones are small to average in size and the bone structure is clearly defined beneath a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. They are often bony in appearance with their ribs and bony protuberances (knobs) around their joints being very evident. If weight gain occurs, fat is first deposited around the abdomen and upper thighs with the upper part of the body remaining slim.
avoid artificial sweeteners, synthetic diet pills, and smoking and excess levels of caffeine. They should avoid refined sugars found in white flour & white sugar. Focus on healing/restoring (not stressing) adrenal gland be sure to take cal/magnesium (all minerals) and B vitamins.
They will benefit from herbal teas containing dandelion, chamomile & peppermint and dandelion coffee. Thyroid women need to eat regular meals containing complex carbohydrates (cereals, wholemeal breads, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, wholemeal pasta etc.) and protein from seafood, eggs, lean red meats, free range chicken & legumes. Thyroid women need to do regular exercise to build up their bone density and increase muscle mass. Suitable exercises are brisk walking (with hand weights), aerobic workouts, sports, swimming and weight training.



Instructional Foods



 We all know that its advised to eat certain foods especially the Morning Shake consisting of Apple, Banana, yogurt, and honey. 


We should eat Tofu TIP- instead of eating a tofu  meal you could buy soft or silken tofu and add a tablespoon or two to your morning shake- you wont be able to taste the difference. You can find tofu at your local grocery store (ask an employee where to find Tofu products)


You should eat tomato soup or Any dish with boiled or grilled tomatoes will do as it is when heated that the tomatoes release the substance that stimulates melatonin production in the body.


It is advised to make a habit of drinking Fenugreek tea .       

check this site out:                 http:/


Here is a very simple easy to follow diet that will help your butt gets bigger if used daily:

1-Mix 20 dry figs with a cup of a warm milk and add cinnamon to it and keep all for one night,then eat it each morning as a breakfast.

2-Eat 150grams of fresh raw sesame seeds once a day.

3-Take two spoonfuls of pure honey every morning and before you go to bed in the evening.

4-Drink at least 3 cups of fenugreek tea daily.

If you keep this diet for one month you will notice a great increase in your butt size.








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