Give Your Self A Banging Booty

Destiny's Child aren't the only ones who can sing about being bootylicious. Now you can too! Here are two new ways to boost your butt without having to do thousands of lunges and squats.

Belive it or not, Wonderbra is getting into the butt-enhancing business. The company has created a special padded pair of undies, called Curves-Up Wonderbot, with removable pads that form a heart shape. These are meant for the ladies looking for a little bit of extra junk in their trunk; I never thought I'd see the day. So far, these have only been released in England, but look for them in November (retail price: about $38) wherever Wonderbra products are sold.

The booty pads in the Frederick's of Hollywood Premiere Shapewear Bottom Kit are similar to the boob-lifting chicken cutlets that Dear wrote about a while back. The set, available here for $110, includes silicone gel derriere pads, a TLC low-rise short, a pair of Bottom Line Boy Shorts with a silicone strip to ensure a luscious lift, and Pick Me Up Derriere Bands that you pull right up to your bum to add lift.


backless gown of hers, which looked like it was almost pointing to her rump? Maybe. But, wait a second. What about those of us (the majority, it seems) who are dying to be thin? Did you know that Americans spend an estimated $35 billion to $45 billion trying to lose weight every year? That’s billion, with a “B.” So we’re supposed to be stick thin and have great booties? Evidently so. Because the measurement is a ratio, it’s a comparison of how big your hips are versus your waist. Therefore, yes, you can be rail thin and have a 0.7 ratio, a la Kate Moss.  Find yours by measuring the circumference of your hips right where the two bones stick out, then measure the circumference of your waist. Divide the number for your waist by the figure for your hips. That’s your waist-to-hip ratio. Find a backless gown of your own at


 It's not fun being accused of having a fake bottom! Jessica Simpson suffered that indignity when she was flaunting her backside in daisy dukes in The Dukes of Hazzard. Ricky Martin was also accused of enhancing his backside by adding padding to his jeans, when he was on tour a few years ago. (He immediately hit the gym and built up an impressive genuine butt. ) Latest to be accused is Victoria Beckham whose apparently curvy backside is featured in fragrance ads with her husband David. Brits claim it looks like Jennifer Lopez's lush bottom has been electronically grafted onto Victoria's svelte body. Do you agree?


A Find: Being Bootylicious

A few years ago, I read an article that said part of what subconsciously attracts men to women is a favorable waist-to-hip ratio. Biologically, an ideal ratio between 0.7 and 0.8 is supposed to indicate a woman will be fertile. Supposedly, this is why curvy or hourglass figures are considered sexy and beautiful. Not to mention that such a ratio can make for a pretty plump posterior.

More men must be looking to start families because it has become an obsession recently. Who do we have to blame (or thank) for this? Hilary Swank at the Oscars in that

If you have one of these… show it off in one of these, a backless ‘Million Dollar’ dress replica of Hilary Swank’s Oscar gown.


Jean Therapy

Tuesday (May 10) is the CURE Foundation's National Denim Day , so (clear it with your boss first) don your favourite blue-hued civvies or one of these stylish pairs to help raise cash for cancer research. Go to www.curefoundation. com or call 1-888-592-CURE (2873) to participate.

It's known as one of the brands responsible for upping denim's accepted price range, and you'll understand why when your assets catch some quality reflections in these rhinestone-finished stretch boot cuts by culty fave Seven for All Mankind ($290, Aritzia , 50 Bloor West, 934-0935, www.aritzia. ca).

With stylish man-purses so hard to come by, you'll be thankful that these distressed pseudo painter jeans ($59.90, H&M , 1 Dundas West, 416-593-0064) have ample buttoned pockets in the back - and feature a blessedly low price tag.

Bonkers for boho? You'll definitely out your inner hippie in these heavily embroidered retro-California numbers by People for Peace ($338, Over the Rainbow , 101 Yorkville, 416-967-7448,

Ripped enough to be cool, but not too torn to be a rip-off, these men's Mobil jeans by Stussy ($172, Uncle Otis , 26 Bellair, 416-920-2281) offer a stylish compromise.

Created by Canadian-based jean genius Jason Trotzuk (founder of Dish jeans), this new Fidelity line is causing a retail uproar. Notice the tailored butt-enhancing darts above the pockets on these Snap Dragons ($145, Body Blue Denim Lab , 724 Queen West, 416-703-7601)? And the trendy straight leg? That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, people.



Celebrities shared their favorite jeans with Oprah.

Who designs the best butt-enhancing, cellulite-smoothing denim?  Here’s what was dished on friday:

Tia Carrere
Marc Jacobs Jeansicon
Faith Hill
Hudson Jeansicon
Eva Mendes
Citizens of Humanity Jeansicon
Trisha Yearwood
Gap “long and lean” and Elie Tahari jeans
Eva Longoria
J and Company Jeansicon

Anne Hathaway
Habitual Jeans and Zara jeans

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Bringing up the rear -- jeans that are supposed to give you a lift


"Butt Lifter jeans." That sweet little phrase literally popped off the page.

Could it be possible to defy gravity without surgical intervention, exercise, or heaven forbid, dieting?

At the end of the press release announcing the wonders of these special Blue Cult denims was an offer to "test drive" a pair. I was on the phone in a flash.

  Before Butt Lifters
  Zoom Joshua Trujillo / P-I
  Anonymous tests cheeks adorned in standard Blue Cult Five-Pocket Denim Jeans.

"Of course we'd love to send you a pair," cooed Karen Webb from Los Angeles. "What size?"

When told a size 12 should be perfect, there was a loooong pause on the other end of the line. Then Webb went into a spiel about how the sizes run terribly small, and their largest size, a 32, was really more of a size 10. She didn't have to tell me my bum didn't make the cut, so to speak.

It was time to tap those friends who have volunteered to test everything from thong panties to faux suntans over the years. I found one who is a fan of the Blue Cult label, but she made it very clear that bad things would happen to me if any details of her identity or posterior were published. She even volunteered her Blue Cult size, 28 -- a number that indicated it was probably a 6 in real life.

This was a number Webb could understand. She put the blues in the mail. Before handing them over for their test drive, however, I tried them on -- or at least I tried to try them on. They stopped just over my knees. That was the last possible point where they could be buttoned. Humiliating! I couldn't wait to give them to the official tester.

While her tiny tush was road-testing the pants, I hit the phone and Internet to find out if butt-lifting jeans were just another niche market for denim, or a full-blown trend that had escaped my fashion radar.

  After Butt Lifters
  Zoom Joshua Trujillo / P-I
  Anonymous' cheeks sporting Blue Cult Butt Lifters.

Agnes Munala, spokeswoman for Seattle-based International News, reported that their Mecca Femme division of women's denims doesn't include any behind-enhancing styles. "We think all our styles are flattering to women's bodies, so there's no need for a special lifting feature," she explained.

An Internet search indicated that Blue Cult seemed to have the lifter market cornered, but Lee Jeans advertised something called One True Fit -- a denim for women that offered a "lifted rear, thinner thighs and no back gap." They were available in a large range of sizes (2-16 missy and 18-24 plus).

I was on the phone in a flash to learn more. Liz Cahill, spokeswoman for the company, said One True Fit jeans aren't considered "butt-lifters," but they do give that impression. "They have a backover riser detail, a construction term that means the seam above the pockets is sewn higher to draw the eye upward. It has to do with tricks of the eye," she explained of jeans that flatter.

And that isn't the only tromp l'oeil trick built into these pants. Cahill talked about side seams that are closer to the center of the thigh for a slimmer leg look and pocket tops slightly angled-in to give the backside an "upward" look. Would I like to try a pair?

Knowing that they'd probably have an appropriate size, I volunteered, and the next morning a package containing sizes 9/10 and 11/12 landed on my desk. "Nice wash," noted a colleague as she inspected the faded blues.

Just for fun, the smaller size was tried first. And they fit! They could bend, sit, squat. I didn't have to lie on the floor in order to get them buttoned and zipped. Exhilaration drowned out humiliation in a flash. The tag said they were a combo of cotton and polyester with a dash of spandex. They were $40 and available at JCPenney and Mervyn's stores.

Cahill said these jeans have been on the market for two years and are "selling incredibly well." I could feel the attraction.

The friend testing the Blue Cult butt-lifter model, meanwhile, was taking the job seriously. Very seriously.

"If I had a style philosophy (which I don't), dressing in garments meant to draw attention to my backside would not be among my preferences," she wrote.

"It's not that I wish to obscure my behind. Rather, I aspire to dress it (and the rest of me) in things that fit well. Also, I believe strongly that the only two creatures on this Earth who ought to consciously emphasize their bums are female baboons and G-string models of both sexes. The rest of us, I feel, would do just fine to simply wear clean, comfortable clothes that perhaps reflect a little something about who we are.

"So left to my own devices, I would not try on, let alone purchase, Blue Cult's Butt Lifter jeans."

Once she got that off her chest, she went on to note that she only agreed to test the butt-lifter jeans because her other two models of Blue Cult jeans were highly favored and almost worn to death.

Her final analysis? "Despite being the same size as my other Blue Cults, these bad boys seemed to have a narrower fit. The fabric seemed to soften within a few minutes of wearing the jeans, so they didn't feel quite as stiff.

"The placement of the pockets (high) seemed to suggest that my bum was closer to my lower back than nature intended, but the pants didn't seem to seriously accentuate anything. I did notice, however, that the narrower fit in the seat is what pushed each cheek up -- kind of like a push-up bra for one's buttocks. Adding to the effect are the longer, narrower legs, with only a slightest of flares below the knees, " the tester said.

Those who want to personally test these $150 jeans can find them at Mercer in University Village.

With old and newer jeans from assorted manufacturers hanging in my closet, it wasn't as easy for me to evaluate the One Sure Fit jeans. They seemed tighter than others, but they did seem to flatter my bum and my resident critic approved. I was a little put off by the flared legs, however. As a survivor of the 1970s bell-bottom boom, flapping pant legs have lost their appeal.

"Women are never going to understand what's really going on, they just want to look in the mirror, take a butt check and think it looks great. We want women to feel good about themselves in their jeans," Cahill said.



 No matter how many "how to buy jeans that fit and flatter" articles are published, or how many television hours are devoted to the subject, the best solution is to take several styles in several sizes from assorted manufacturers into a dressing room.

Start trying them on and let the three-way mirror be your guide. The try-on should include sitting, squatting and bending from the waist to check for mobility and comfort.

The online StyleMaven shopping guide ( recently rated three brands of jeans for three body types (all are priced around $150 each):


  • For a tall body or long torso -- Blue Cult's Butt Lifter



  • For average height and less curvy body -- Citizens of Humanity stretch-style Ingrid pant



  • For short or curvy body types -- The Honey Jean from Joe's Jeans


    Teen People magazine's latest issue contains "The Ultimate Denim Guide" for finding the perfect pair of jeans. Samples tested included everything from a cropped style from Unionbay ($34) to a Rock and Republic trouser for $210, with most selling for under $100.

    Its recommendations include cropped styles for talls; jeans with a higher waist and trouser styling for "pear" shapes; skinny jeans with narrow legs for petites; flared legs with a fitted waist for those with well-developed hips; comfortable, relaxed styles for athletes.

    The best all-round style? Boot-cut jeans, especially for women with curves. "This universally flattering style is for most body types because the slight flare leg visually balances out the width of your hips, thighs and butt."


    P-I reporter Susan Phinney can be reached at 206-448-8397 or


    Hired Booty Shows Ass For NY Health & Racquet Club

    Now this is what Adrants loves finding amongst the hundreds of penis-enlargement emails in the Inbox after a short, but enjoyable vacation - asses. Not just any asses but asses with a purpose. In this case, ass-vertising asses.

    Last Friday, a bunch of shapely asses paraded outside Grand Central Station in New York to promote the New York Health and Racquet Club and a class they offer, called, appropriately, "Booty Call." The event was put on by Ass-vertise!, a division of the NightAgency ad agency. NightAgency founder Darren Paul told me, "people were going nuts, as building windows were lined with people in there offices trying to get a glimpse, passers-by stopped for quite a while to watch it in action, and a bunch of news reporters came to have a look."

    New York Health & Racquet Club
    "Booty Call" Ass-Vertising Campaign
    click on thumbnails to enlarge

    ass8 ass1 ass2
    ass3 ass4 ass5
    ass6 ass7 ass7
    Watch Video Here


    Assvertising. A good deal for MTN?

    Just received this press release from Rossella Ferrara at MTN, a new media agency from the South of Italy:

    The ass-vertising arrives finally in Italy too.

    It was MTN Company, a brave and innovative integrated communication agency of South Italy, to realize about the great potentials of the bottom as advertising media.

    The agency has taken advantage of the ass of fascinating models to promote itself and its creative minds, and to launch the new company website (

    Models have been walking around italian towns, attracting people’s gaze not only by their body appearance. In fact girls have rising their skirt more than once, showing their bottom and white panties with MTN logo.

    The ass-vertising has been used within a wider re-positioning campaign, characterized by the integrated use of traditional and non-traditional communication media, like a stickering actions all over South Italy.

    The operation has given excellent results: within only a week the website accesses have raised over four times, and the news is spreading all over the net…

    That’s what happens when a company success is not only a matter of… look!

    I do not like assvertising a lot; the selling proposition is a woman’s ass, and that is not so good, for women and for products.
    By the way I do not think this is a good idea to promote a company. It can be a good idea to sell soaps and mass-market products, but they’re trying to sell ideas. They’re trying to make this in the South of Italy (I know very well Salerno, the city where MTN has its offices) that is a non-marketing area. They’re making some buzz on the net, but they’re not hitting their target. The website itself is not so full of content.

    For those who want to see, here some pics from the ass-operation.



    Guess The Denim Booty


    Show Me Your Ass Now


    Nike Likes Big Butts...and Thighs...And Knees


    With the launch of a new campaign, Nike has made official the mini-trend towards celebrating less than stick figure sized woman. Following Dove's much talked about campaign, Nike has launched a series of print ads that celebrates big butts, thunder thighs and tomboy knees. The big 'ol booty is pushing aside the anorexic runway model and Ms. Magazine Founder Gloria Steinem is very happy about it telling Ad Age, "It is a change that women and some men, too have been agitating for 35 years. I spent 15 years of my life pleading for ads that reflected our readers by age, race and ethnicity. We could demonstrate that women responded better to ads that were more inclusive of them, but they just weren't coming." The campaign comes from Wieden & Kennedy


    Kodak Assvertising


    Thespunkercomkodakass1Assvertising was so great you knew it would be copied. Who knew Kodak would be the one to stoop so low? That's like butterscotch-giving-grandpa hitting on your girlfriend - and stealing her (true story). Apparently, Kodak used the derriere media placement during a photo convention in Boston Kiev, Ukraine. At least two hot women were hired to wear ridiculously short mini skirts with Kodak logoed panties underneath and then drops things on the convention floor and pick them up.  It's so off-brand one is inclined to think its an unauthorized effort by a sub promo company. If so, someone should spank them. Crass sexuality seems to be a particularly Russian obsession, like the company that forced its top female managers to pose in a nude calendar distributed to its clients.Thespunkercomkodakasslook_1 Thespunkercomkodakasshallway_1ThespunkercomkodakassappreciativeThespunkercomkodakassallthewayup


    (Click thumbnails to expand).



    Lopez's Booty Halts Pepsi Shoot

    While preparing to be filmed at London's Shepperton Studios, along with Beyonce Knowles and David Beckham, for a new Pepsi commercial, Jennifer Lopez brought the shoot to a halt when she realized she had too much junk in the trunk for her apparel to accommodate. While Knowles slipped into her revealing outfit with relative ease, Lopez was unable to get her famously large derriere into her own. A source reports, "Basically, J.

    Lo's bum was just too curvy for the outfit and we had to make sure the costume fit her before we could start filming."

    To accommodate the star's bootylicious backside, frenzied producers scurried about behind Lopez's bulging buttocks madly sewing extra fabric into the seat of the overly taut attire while the crew looked on drooling uncontrollably. After several minutes of apparel surgery, the outfit was enlarged enough for Lopez to slide her commodious rear end into the strained clothing and the shoot continued.

    Plans are afoot to air the spot during this year's Super Bowl.


    Beyonce Says God is OK With Sexy Booty Enhancing Clothing

    God OK With Booty

    Apparently, big booty babe Beyonce has permission from God to wear hot clothes however, she says God is not OK with girl on girl kisses like the Britney/Madonna MTV Awards spectacle.

    "I have standards. There are things I will not do," says Beyonce. "I always carry myself like a lady. I don't feel like I ever do anything raunchy. It's entertainment and I believe God is OK with that."

    Alrighty then. Bring on that big 'ol booty and shake that ass for us in more Pepsi commercials.


     t a song lyric. It has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Since voluptuous stars like Big Bottom Mannequins

    J.Lo and Beyonce can take another bow. The booty-shaking stars have shaped the newest generation of mannequins, with hundreds of well-rounded plastic backsides appearing in shop windows across New York.

    Bootylicious figures clad in tight low-rise jeans have spilled from the city’s street fashion stores into more established labels.

    “It’s absolutely the trend,” said Dwight Critchfield, creative director for mannequin firm Goldsmith.

    “These mannequins look great, and there is a real sex appeal about them.”

    The recent pop culture fixation on large bottoms has been around since at least 1992, when rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot scored a hit with “Baby Got Back.”

    But some credit the recent booty shakin’ efforts of shapely stars Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce for the fresh emphasis on bigger and rounder posteriors, coupled with the fashion explosion of the Brazilian-style low-rise jeans.

    “J.Lo was the first to stress that women shouldn’t be afraid to show their curves, and the popularity of rap made that shape more acceptable,” said Critchfield. “And it is about these low-riding jeans looking good on a sexy, tight fit.”

    ‘J. Lo butt form’
    The company launched a “Sex” mannequin with “a larger booty and body” tailored for fashion label Express and for stores carrying lower-end trend clothing, said Critchfield.

    On the juniors’ floor of Macy’s in Manhattan, Guess jeans and streetwear label EckoRed display jeans on a fuller rear-end bottom-half mannequin, known as a pants form, opposite a large poster of J.Lo and her clothing label, while a DJ mixes hip hop and reggae to teen and 20-something shoppers.


    EckoRed launched the new mannequin -- called the J.Lo butt form -- at the store almost two years ago and sales have since tripled.

    “It is a serious sociological trend that is positive for retailers and customers in that the tyranny of the undernourished perfect model is over,” said Rich Rollison of Lifestyle Forms and Display, which designed the pants form mannequin.

    Other companies also are developing more realistic mannequins with larger posteriors in maternity and plus sizes.

    U.S. label Lane Bryant, which caters to plus sizes 14 to 28, is launching a more voluptuous full-body mannequin across its 250 stores after a successful test run in New York.

    “It originated from urban ethnic street wear, but it has transcended that,” Rollison said. “Now you are going to see it projected in more urban markets and it will get bigger.”

    Paying For Booty

    It's Tuesday night at Sue's Rendezvous in Mount Vernon, N.Y. Even torrential October rains can't keep the voyeurs away from this suburban gentleman's club, where Grey Goose and Moet are the chilled beverages of choice. Men in Avirexes and jerseys kick back and admire the sights. Although Sue's is 20 miles north of Manhattan, it still attracts rappers, athletes, and label executives. Mirrored walls reflect dancers and servers with names like Spice, X-Tasy, and India as they jiggle their booties to the beats provided by Funkmaster Flex. They wear Lucite platforms and skimpy getups. Read The Article Here

    Lisa Johnson (not her real name), 25, had the surgery last July. "It was a lifelong dream come true," she says with a broad smile. Johnson, a graduate student, has been trying to figure out how to get some junk in the trunk since she was 13 years old. Sitting in a diner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and wearing a pair of Levi's and a cashmere sweater, she is a far cry from the strippers in money-earnin' Mount Vernon. She admits she could lose some weight. Her presurgery girth wasn't in the right location, which she
    made her a rarity in the African-American community. "Most of us have hips and butts—sometimes too much," she says. "I was just flat." Tired of the taunting—she heard nicknames like "pancake butt" Johnson was determined to boost her booty, but when she went to plastic surgeons for consultations, she says, they looked at her like she was crazy. "They didn't understand that not everyone wants to be flat."

    All that is rapidly changing. In 2002, there were 614 buttocks augmentations performed in the United States, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and they expected many more in the future. They predicted that the "popularity of thong lingerie and swimwear will stimulate an increase in cosmetic surgery... including lipoplasty for contouring of full buttocks and buttocks augmentation for adding curves" to flat buns.

    Lisa Johnson (not her real name), 25, had the surgery last July. "It was a lifelong dream come true," she says with a broad smile. Johnson, a graduate student, has been trying to figure out how to get some junk in the trunk since she was 13 years old. Sitting in a diner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and wearing a pair of Levi's and a cashmere sweater, she is a far cry from the strippers in money-earnin' Mount Vernon. She admits she could lose some weight. Her presurgery girth wasn't in the right location, which she
    made her a rarity in the African-American community. "Most of us have hips and butts—sometimes too much," she says. "I was just flat." Tired of the taunting—she heard nicknames like "pancake butt" Johnson was determined to boost her booty, but when she went to plastic surgeons for consultations, she says, they looked at her like she was crazy. "They didn't understand that not everyone wants to be flat."

    All that is rapidly changing. In 2002, there were 614 buttocks augmentations performed in the United States, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and they expected many more in the future. They predicted that the "popularity of thong lingerie and swimwear will stimulate an increase in cosmetic surgery... including lipoplasty for contouring of full buttocks and buttocks augmentation for adding curves" to flat buns.

    When a girl gets on hands and knees to make her thong-clad booty "talk" in a patron's face, the dollar bills come fluttering out. "Guys like to see that big butt shaking," says one of the dancers, Joselle Pluviose, "and they'll spend their whole paycheck to look at it." And the bigger the butt, the better the bucks. At strip clubs like Sue's, cosmetic surgery can be a way of life—almost a professional necessity. "Every girl wants to be thick. When the girls with the fat asses get all the cash, the others say, `I want some of that,"' says Sean Gray, a promoter for Sue's. "Once you get the fake ass, you start seeing more money."
    In many ways, Sue's is a metaphor for what is happening in the real world, where celebrities like Beyonce and J.Lo are as famous for their bangin' backyards as they are for their other God-given talents, and even noncelebrity girls with luscious rumps get the lion's share of male attention. This fact is not lost on the rising number of women who are getting plastic surgery to plump up their own posteriors. These women aren't just rich Hollywood wives but working girls willing to cash in 4o1Ks, negotiate home equity loans, or take on massive credit card debt to finance their physiques. Though some feminists are concerned that yet another invention by the plastic surgery establishment exploits and exacerbates women's insecurities, others see the trend as a welcome sign of a more diverse beauty standard. Before the J.Lo age, only a narrow-hipped fashion-model figure was considered beautiful in the mainstream. Now the curvy hip hop ideal has finally gone pop.

    ennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Jessica Alba have taken over Hollywood, it seems like having a "phat" ass is no longer a bad thing: big butts are must-have items.

    But how did we get here? It seems like only yesterday women were desperate to sport the "heroine chic,” slender and sickly look made famous by the fashion industry. Many of these same women are now doing butt crunches, padding their jeans and even getting silicone implants to give them a plush posterior. And girls lucky enough to be blessed with the now coveted bubble butt have traded in their loose clothing, along with the ever-frumpy sweatshirt-around-the-waist look, otherwise known as the "butt blanket," for tight fitting jeans and skirts that show off their best ass-et.

    Are J.Lo and Beyonce solely responsible for this cultural phenomenon? Some would say hip-hop has played a big part in changing the way the "big butt" is viewed in American culture. Songs like Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” and Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up” and even urban clothing lines such as Apple Bottoms celebrate the natural curves of voluptuous women. They also prove the point that when it comes to butts, bigger can be better.

    Roberts and other plastic surgeons also realize that as more and more nonwhite Americans opt for cosmetic surgery, the profession must acknowledge that one size or shape does not fit all. Roberts, who is white, has performed more than 200 buttocks augmentations, and about two-thirds of his patients have been women of color who traveled from places as varied as Queens, N.Y., and Pakistan. He prides himself on innovating shaping techniques that cater to ethnic desires. "African-Americans want it full everywhere, they want a shelflike Serena Williams's," he says. "Hispanics want a bubble butt like J.Lo. Caribbean women go more in the direction of African-Americans, and Asian women want more butt, but they're concerned about sculpting it so their legs look longer."

    Hip-hop culture totally put the ass out there,” says Oakland resident Ruthie Price, 19. She admits she was sometimes teased as a child for her ample backside, but as an adult has l

    But bigger wasn’t always considered better. Around 1810, a woman named Sarah Baartman was taken from her home in South Africa and forced to join a freak show in England because of her unusually large buttocks and genitalia. Nicknamed the “Hottentot Venus,” Baartman was put on display and gawked at by patrons who not only found themselves superior to the “unusually” shaped woman; they actually thought of her as belonging to a different species of human.

    Usha Iswaran, 21, says at times she is self-conscious about her “junk in the trunk,” but is generally proud of her curvaceous shape. “I like having some substance to fill out my jeans,” she says. “It makes me feel sexy.”

    And many women are striving to achieve that “sexy,” curvy shape that makes women like Iswaran proud of their curves. Major lingerie chains such as Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood now offer shape wear with padding, to give the appearance of a luscious backside. Several jean companies have even cut out the middle man, placing the padding right in the jeans.

    Karen Jones is the creator and owner of Bubbles, a line of booty enhancing shape wear that can be worn underneath clothing. She says she created the line because she saw a market for women who wanted an easy way to better fill out their clothing. “When you put on a pair of jeans, the first thing you do is turn around and look at your butt. I thought about what a push-up bra did and wondered what that would do for the butt,” she says.

    In addition to microfat grafting, implants are an option. But according to Roberts, results can be iffy; they can slide or rupture. And since they're best placed in the upper portion of the buttock, it's limiting for women who may want augmentation in the lower part of their derrieres. Some worry about possible side effects. Both procedures carry a risk of infection, explains Rhonda Hatchette, the buttocks augmentation patient coordinator in Dr. Roberts's office. (Roberts performed the microfat-grafting buttocks procedure on Hatchette three years ago.) "Making a big incision near the anus exposes the area to bacteria. There's also the risk of bleeding."

    Unfortunately, the quest for the perfect butt has also led to nightmarish tales of underground surgery centers where unlicensed practitioners inject industrial-grade silicone into back-sides. The side effects: oozing infections or even death. In 2001, Vera Lawrence, a 53-year-old Miami woman, died during one of these illegal "pumping parties" after silicone was injected into her buttocks. Her autopsy showed that the deadly substance had infiltrated her organs and her blood stream. In Boston, two transgender men were admitted to Boston Medical Center after silicone injections caused gross abscesses that needed surgical draining. In both cases, those who performed the procedures were criminally prosecuted.

    Roberts is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and he feels strongly that his method is safe. He claims he's never had anyone suffer serious complications from the procedure. In fact, he published an article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal that touted the safety of buttocks augmentation as well as its ability to effectively enhance the "gluteal aesthetic unit" when implants fail. "Grafting feels totally real because it's real fat," Roberts says. But he also cautions that this surgery is no boob job. While breast augmentation surgery can take as little as an hour, building a new behind can require the patient to be under anesthesia for up to six hours.

    Lisa Johnson's sister had the procedure a week before she did, and when Johnson saw the results, she said she couldn't wait to hop on that operating table. Afterward, all she could remember was waking up and asking, "How does it look?" She doesn't recall lying on her back naked, her face obscured by a paper sheet, her torso covered with a swirl of green and red marker lines. The red areas denoted where the fat was extracted, the green where fat was injected.

    Roberts considers himself a bit of an artist. He is an accomplished sculptor, and at his South Carolina home, he has a Japanese garden with a world-class bonsai collection. Creating buttocks enables him to think in three dimensions, like sculpting. He begins by harvesting the fat with a long metal tube through tiny incisions. With aggressive movements, he shoves the apparatus in and out. The body in his care moves corpselike from the momentum. "I try to get it out gently," he says while vacuuming the fat from the back of a 48-yearold woman from Texas. Over the operating room sound system, Rod Stewart croons "Forever Young," while Roberts rubs and massages the body to tease out the fat. It makes a gurgling noise as it's suctioned out, and orange, pulpy material oozes through plastic tubes into a cone-shaped beaker hanging off the side of the operating table. It's filled with a mixture of a protective fluid, blood, natural oils, and living fat cells.

    Meanwhile, as many as six nurses are standing by, four of them to separate the living fat cells from the other fluids. (More than half of them have breast implants courtesy of Roberts. One has breast and buttocks implants.) This stage is crucial to the success of buttocks enhancement. Though it's time consuming, it helps guarantee that the surgery's effects will be durable.

    M MicroFat grafting isn't for everyone, especially women with little body fat. Even those with enough fat to contour a new bottom should be prepared for the booty to shrink to its ultimate expected size after a year. Around to to 40 percent of the injected fat is reabsorbed by the body. Because the surgery is relatively new, doctors don't yet know how long the augmentation can last, but patients can expect to hold on to their renovated backyards for at least a few years.

    The nurses in gloves, scrubs, and face masks begin to put the fat into smaller syringes. They're mostly silent, but every once in a while, chatter erupts into playful laughter. These syringes will be used later to contour the new booty as the fat is injected through one-eighth inch incisions around the butt. Nearly four hours later, Roberts begins contouring. He rapidly injects each syringe. Results are visible almost immediately. Within a half hour, new rear cleavage emerges. He has injected a pound of fat. "Imagine the size of a nice big steak," he says. He continues as the left cheek grows and grows. He pats it. Walks around the table to look at it from different angles. Meanwhile, the patient remains a faceless, passive participant.

    By the time it's over, Roberts will have sucked out more than eight pounds of fat and reinjected about two pounds into each cheek. A woman who had a boxy torso has not only a waist but a visible rib cage and, of course, a round, perky butt.

    Afterward, patients find out for themselves how difficult healing can be. "It was really painful. It was kind of like having a baby. But you forget about it after it's over," says Kiki Norse (not her real name). "I couldn't sleep on my back for a couple months. During the first week, you cannot lie on your back or sit. In the lipo part, your body gets stiff. I couldn't put my clothes on by myself for a couple weeks." Many patients say that, after the surgery, they get a giant bruise that stretches from breasts down to the thighs. "Your whole body aches," Johnson recalls.

    While Johnson and Norse are pleased with their new figures, liposuction and microfat grafting can be dangerous. "The major complication risk is infection, and these infections can be severe," says Manhattan plastic surgeon Thomas Loeb, who has performed liposuctions on more than 2,000 patients. Also, when the fat gets reabsorbed, it can cause asymmetry if one side absorbs more than the other. "Most plastic surgeons want to be more precise when it comes to plastic surgery," says Loeb, "and buttocks augmentation is not a precision procedure."

    Despite the pain and the risk, some women are prepared to borrow a lot of money to get what they think is a sexier physique. A buttocks augmentation can cost between $13,000 and $19,000, and insurance coverage is generally out of the question. Johnson and her sister paid for the operations with help from their mother, but over the last five years or so, there has been a proliferation of plastic surgery finance companies. Maurice Schmid, the marketing director of one such firm, Irvine, Calif.–based Combined Acceptance Corporation, says his typical borrower is a woman, age 22 to 35, who earns between $24,000 and $50,000 annually. "They take out loans, put it on their credit card, or get financing," Dr. Roberts says. "Do you want a better body or a new car?" he asks. "A car is a status symbol, but this is about you. This is your body, and it makes you feel good. It's totally real. It's all you. There's nothing fake about it."

    Why has booty worship become so prevalent that women are willing to go under the knife and into debt? The easy answer is the rise of J.Lo But the allure of her delectable onion is no revelation to blacks and Latinos. Ka cy Duke, a celebrity trainer at Equinox Fitness in New York City, puts it this way: "I've had clients come in and act like J.Lo was the only ass they'd ever seen. I see them all over the city on black and Hispanic women. All of a sudden white America goes crazy for ass."

    Fat booties have long been valued in hip hop (see "Ass Kissers," page 144). Just as J.Lo went from Bronx-bred Fly Girl on In Living Color to red carpet superstar, hip hop sensibilities, too, have gone mainstream. Back in '87, whites were scandalized by the 2 Live Crew's bootylicious video for "Move Somethin'," but it aired occasionally on the hip hop video show Yo! MTV Raps. Fast forward to 2004, and the majority of rap videos are heavy on curvaceous women and can be viewed 24 hours a day on cable music channels. "Black folks were excluded from TV for a long time," says video director Little X. "Now we have influence, and we're able to set a new standard of beauty. We've flipped the mirror. The old standard of the superskinny white woman doesn't really apply."

    But these newly pervasive images of perfectly shaped apple bottoms may also create yet another reason for women, regardless of race, to be as critical of themselves as ever. Some view going under the knife as the ultimate act of self-hatred. "Plastic surgery is kind of masochistic," says Virginia L. Blum, author of Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery. "We go into these surgeries to measure up to an ideal that we can never measure up to."
    Norse, who's white, insists she wasn't trying to become a perfect J.Lo doll, she just wanted to lose the 30 pounds she gained while on antidepressants. And she wanted to feel better about herself. "I wanted the lipo," she says, "so I thought while I was at it, I might as well make my butt bigger." Her African-American boyfriend was more than willing to finance the operation. "I appreciate the Latin aesthetic," she says during a phone call from Hollywood, Calif., where she is trying to pursue an acting career. At times, she admits, her new figure gets her noticed. "People think I'm Spanish or mixed," she says. "But I don't care. I love it."




    Media Tries to Fight Proliferation of White Girls With Big Butts

    Sloane Crossley's Butt?

    Writing in The Village Voice, Sloane Crossley comments on the apparent explosion of white girls with big butts. She says they're hanging out all over the city and that men are loving it including her own big ass. ("White female butts are on display as never before and they're being checked out by people of every race, sex, and contact prescription.") While everyone seems to be happy with this big assed white girl trend, the media seems to be at odds with it. Crossly points ot the endless women's magazine articles and ads encouraging women to cover up their butts and providing them with the fashions to do so. Party Poopers.

    White girls with big asses, man. There goes another one, a J. Crew cardigan riding up atop a buttock so big, so out of place, it makes you wonder if Serena Williams woke up this morning wondering where her ass went. Temperatures are going up, taking hemlines with them, and the trendy white ass is hanging out there like a couple of upside-down Tasty-D scoops. They're taking over this city. They're everywhere I turn: in dressing rooms, in store windows, in that pond with the little boats—anywhere I can look down and see my own reflection. Yes, I'm one of them and it seems strange to admit something so plain, but until recently the subject has been almost completely taboo among the SPF 40 set. If I said even now (in front of a man or woman of any race for that matter) that I think I have a big butt, they encourage me to deny it. "You have a great ass," they say. Which, ahem, isn't the issue in question. And all that protesting, all that mutually exclusive commentary about how big versus how appealing, leads a 5-5 pallid girl to wonder: What is it, exactly, about the ass right now?

    On the street, men tell us we've got a "phat ass" and most of us immediately jump to some bad comedy film scene where a blue-haired lady in a Talbot's suit whispers in our ear, "That's how 'they' say it, dear. It's a compliment.' " I hate this woman because (a) in my fantasy she usually smells like turnips and (b) she's a bigot. But she comes to me every time, and believe me this means every damn day. The basic difference between white women getting hit on or hollered at for their butts versus black women getting the same harassment is that these men, I think, are surprised by my ass. On the walk to work, on the subway platform, at a bar—they're surprised all over this town. And it is the surprise that validates their double take. I've seen how black women get looked at and for better or worse their whole body seems to register. Their hair, their breasts, their shoulders . . . a gaze may start at the ass, butt it moves right along. Thus I think the white girl's fascination with a flat ass comes not so much from the desire to have a flat ass (also known as a "flass"), but the desire to shift focus onto something else. With no form of below-the-ab-quator entertainment, eyes become bored, wander to more uni-racially appealing parts like breasts or shoulders or nice arches.

    In a shocking turn of events, the major women's magazines are trying to encourage this "cover that thing up" mind-set despite every clothing storefront in the city showing off their half-naked mannequins. Since May, magazines have been loaded with rear-view, waist-down pictures of women, and they all say something like this: Big bottom? Avoid horizontal stripes or patterns that draw attention to your backside. Read: "You're a lard ass, honey. Lay off the 4 a.m. China Fun and go see a movie with that disjointed and meaningless makeup ad starring Julianne Moore and Halle Berry [because they really need the work] for similar messages." And you know what? In every damn photo on every glossy page is a little sliver of exposed pale skin. Of course, if that same skin were darker some intern from the suburbs would get more nasty letters than she could open in a single summer. Those same magazines claim that this fall, the miniskirt will die. It will slit its seams with back issues of Vogue or hurl itself on to the runway, but it will be very dead. Time to cover up. Bring out the pearls and the tweed 'cause Prada's got a brand new bag and it's burlap. But can a whole body part really go out of season? Can it be trendy? According to Ludacris it can. From Blow It Out: "Plus I'm the new phenomenon like white women with ass." White girls showing off their big booties is a novelty and, as such, a rapidly endangered concept. So be warned: If the magazines and lyrics have their way, this may be the last season of the ass.

    And OK. On the one cheek, I'm fine with that. I have to admit to being a longtime horizontal stripe-ist. In spite of what I've seen this summer, I'm having a tough time letting go of a lifetime of black pants. I'm still sick of not being able to find a pair of jeans that doesn't either gap at the waist or make me look like a plumper. I'm sick of playing musical hangers with department store bikinis and of my reflection lasting a millisecond too long in a store window. What is that passage from The Book of J.Lo? We may be through with the ass but the ass isn't through with us. My ass has a spine of its own, seeming to move in one block, detached from the swooshing of my legs like it's following me around and if I run really fast I'll lose it.

    I've tried that once, incidentally. There was one week a few months ago when three—count them—three, free one-week memberships to gyms fell into my lap/mailbox: New York Sports Club, Reebok Sports Club, and the David Barton Gym. I thought, OK, God wants me to burn some carbs. But it was more than that. This ass, I thought. This ass should not be attached to white chicken legs. This ass is on a foreign-exchange program. This ass is lost. Time to send it home. So I piggybacked my free memberships and worked out every day for nearly a month. I stretched and ran and learned the many aspects of treadmill etiquette. Apparently, it's a sort of female version of the public urinal. Eyes front! No smiling! And no, I don't think I would take the same measures if I were black because the majority of black asses I've seen in my life look like they belong where they are—they're sexy and they fit. Their overarching bootyliciousness is a side-effect of plain old genetics. Yeah, well, I'm white as the day is long, so what about me? Unless we start getting used to the idea that some white girls are simply built like this too, I'm completely subject to the fad. Where's my ass's raison d'être? Do I really only get one summer before it's back to the anti-back?

    Say it isn't so. I welcome the omigod-Becky-would-you-look-at-her-Nordic-baby-got-back trend and plan to perpetuate my ass off. Literally. Viva la bone-white booty. I don't particularly feel like shoving it in the back of the closet with my horizontal-striped pants come fall. My ass isn't perfect for someone else's body because it's not on someone else's body. It's time to embrace that. Better yet, it's time to have some else embrace that. Either way, the "phenomenon" is just confirming what we white girls with big asses have known for years. There's always been a secret society of us. At our best we smile at each other on the street like honking Jeeps passing in the night, encouraging and sympathetic and exclusive all at once. At our worst, well—at least my ass isn't as big as hers, right? For this summer in this city at any rate, I've found more of the former. White female butts are on display as never before and they're being checked out by people of every race, sex, and contact prescription. Whether that's inappropriate or violating, whether it's motivated by jealousy or lust, is a different issue for a colder day when we're not all trying to show off and get tan in public. For now, anything that makes New Yorkers grin at each other even on a crowded and sweltering subway platform is OK by me.




    StyleWatch Poll: Who Has The Best Jeans Butt?

    It is something every woman asks herself when she tries on a pair of jeans: Do these make my butt look fat? Now we're asking you to help us decide which stars' behinds look the best in denim. Keep in mind that pocket size and spacing have a lot to do with minimizing or maximizing posterior assets. Do you like (from left) Jessica Simpson's? Jennifer Lopez? Or Eva Longoria's backview?

    Click through to our gallery to look at nine stars in their jeans and vote on who has the best behind! Then come back and tell us who you voted for! Did we leave anyone out?

    Photo: BORIS/MATEI/BAUER-GRIFFIN; Tom Vickers/Splash News; Pham-Dano-Twist/X17






    FFB- Fresh Fruit Booty-  Booty that that even though it looks clean, you wash it before you take a bite.

    JJB- J.J. Booty-  Booty that's just DY-NO-MITE!


    WHB- Wounded Horse Booty-  Booty that should be shot and put out of it's misery!


    CCB- Cottage Cheese Booty-   Booty that looks like 2 gallons of cottage cheese!

    CB- Community Booty-  Booty that is passed around the neighborhood!

    IB- Italian Booty-  Booty with a mustache!

    EB- English Booty-  Booty with bad teeth!!

    PRB- Puerto Rican Booty-  Booty is attitude!

    TDB- Thanksgiving Day Booty-  The kind of booty you just want to stuff!

    SPB- Silly Puddy Booty-  Booty that shapes with every slap of your hand.

    KAB- Kool Aid Booty-   The kind of booty that makes you yell, "Oh Yeah!" 

    DDB- Dunkin Donuts Booty-  The kind os booty you wished you had 11 more of so you could put in a box for later.


    ETB- End Table Booty-   Good size booty. You can rest a small book on it.

    CTB- Coffee Table Booty-    Rather large booty.  You can rest your; remote, TV dinner, magazines and other miscellaneous items on it.

    BHB- Banquet Hall Booty-   That’s a big ass!  You can call all your friends and serve a 7 course meal on that!

    OB- Onion Booty-   Booty so fine it brings a tear to your eye.

    SBB- Speed Bump Booty-   You have to go slow with this booty.  If you go too fast, you’ll screw up your exhaust.

    GB- Ghetto Booty-   This booty is big, but defined.  But, you do not want to go to this Booty at night or alone—you might get jacked!

    PLB- Princess Lea Booty-   Booty with an extra bun on each cheek.

    TFB- Tutti Frutti Booty -  This Booty scares most men.  This is the booty that looks so fine, you just feel like running up and grabbing it—then she turns around and—IT’S A MAN!!

    PB- Peach Booty -  This is the booty that you feel like biting and letting the juices drip down your cheek.

    NYB-  New York Booty-   This booty just looks rude.

    MBB- Mechanical Bull Booty -   This is the kind of booty that you have to strap yourself onto so you don’t fall off!---But you have to stay on for 5 seconds to score any points!!

    TBB- Toll Bridge Booty -   This is the kind of booty that has a large crack in it.  And you want to get to the other side so you pay the toll to cross.

    NBTB- Never Been Touched Booty-   Also known as VB (Virgin Booty).  This booty has never had the wrath of Ray Ray (and Deeze Nuts)!!

    HMB- Hold Me Booty -   This is the kind of booty you just feel like holding on to.

    HRB- Hit and Run Booty-   You just want to hit it and get out of there before anyone can see you!

    DCB- Dick Clark Booty-   This is the kind of booty that looks the same as it did 50 years ago.  It just doesn’t age!!

    SB- Saturn Booty -   This happens when you have been sitting on the toilet seat for a while.

    DSCB- Don’t Squeeze Charmin Booty -   This is the booty that is real loose, so you have to squeeze it together and pretend she is only 14..uhhh I mean 18!

    JOB- Job Offering Booty -   This is the booty I need.  I haven’t worked since 11/17/99—my old job sucked!!

    DJMHB- Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde Booty -   This is the booty that can change it’s appearance.  Especially when you are sober.

    WDB- Wet Dog Booty-   Need I say more?

    CHB- Corn Hole Booty -   See above.

    JB- Jello Booty -   This booty jiggles when you move it.  But sometimes it scares you, especially when you find fruit stuck in the middle!

    YB- Yeti Booty -   This is a hairy booty.  Shut up everyone…I do not have a YB…it’s just a little fuzzy!

    FEB- FedEx Booty-   This is the booty you have to hit overnight.

    GSB- Gwen Stafani Booty -   When there’s “No Doubt” you want to hit that booty.

    IB- Illegal Booty -   Booty under 18 years old.

    TLB- Traci Lord Booty -   Booty that pretends to be legal but is actually IB.

    MAB- Muhammad Ali Booty -   Booty that “moves like a butterfly and stings like a bee”

    ARB- Alex Rodriguez Booty -   Booty so expensive only Texans could afford it.

    MSB- Monica Seles Booty -   Booty that grunts.

    MLB- Monica Lewinsky Booty -   Booty that swallows.

    PB- Picasso Booty -   Booty with tattoos.

    LTEB- Lesser of Two Evil Booty-   This is the choice you make when you have 2 booties.  One is fat and one is ugly.

    UDB- Ugly Duckling Booty -   This is booty that is young and so so looking.  You are hoping it will develop over time.

    GB- Godzilla Booty-   Booty that breathes fire and wrecks Japanese cities.

    MMB- M&M Booty-   Booty that melts in your mouth and not in your hands.

    MJB- Michael Jackson Booty-   Booty that your not sure is “black or white”.

    DB- Denim Booty -   Booty that only looks good in jeans.

    CCB- Christopher Columbus Booty-   Booty that is round but you had to sail it to prove it to everyone.

    KSB- King of Spain Booty -   Booty that is believed to be flat until you make it a CCB.

    TCB(a)- Table Cloth Booty -   Booty so big you can spread a table cloth on it and have a meal.

    TCB(b)- Time Capsule Booty -   Booty so fine you want to save it for future generations to enjoy.


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