Hi everyone! I'm so glad you made it here and even more so that you want to know a little more about me. So, where to start? My name is Mona but you can call me BootyLiciousMona, I'm 35 years old living in the UK. People tell me I'm outgoing, funny and a little crazy, I guess there is some truth to it. I like chocolate, lots of it and, of course, I LOVE strawberries as I'm sure you've noticed already.

Other then that I'm 5"9ft, weigh in at about 140lbs. I've got green eyes, dark blond hair and a 38C cup. As far as body mods goes I have a couple of piercings and tattoos but, instead of telling you about them why don't you check out my pictures and see for yourself!

XoXo BootyLiciousMona

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